Joey Cook

Biography (…the short version)
It all started when Joey was five, and the family acquired a second hand organ. This led to teaching herself every instrument she could get her hands on.
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The quirky teen eventually attended Woodbridge Senior High Center of Fine and Performing Arts for vocal music.

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She moved to Richmond to become a musician, playing small venues, traveling to open mic nights, and touring with a local Indie band, Mammoth Indigo.

A series of three unusual phone calls in the same day provoked her to audition for American Idol Season XIV. She moved to New Orleans, busking on street corners until boarding the crazy Idol-Go-Round with hundreds of other hopefuls who made the initial cut.
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The judges were equally charmed. Joey committed to using the opportunity to showcase many facets of her talent. From Top 24 until exiting the show at #7 (like another talented contestant, Jennifer Hudson), each performance was unusual, bringing with it the unexpected.
Thanks to the phenomenal exposure, many interesting opportunities are brewing!  Feel free to reach out to contact Joey to perform and spread a message of encouragement to outliers like herself:
Stay you – Stay weird – Stay positive!

Watch one of her favorite interviews
to hear more of the story:

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